Building MVPs

We understand the importance of bringing your product to market quickly and efficiently, so we offer a unique service to help you build your Minimum Viable Product (MVP), which we prefer to call Simple, Lean, and Concise (SLC) solutions (learn about the difference).

Our team of staff-level developers and product managers will collaborate closely with you to understand your vision and goals, ensuring we create an SLC that validates your idea in the market.

Predictable Costs

We operate on a fixed-time / fixed-price basis for SLC development. This provides cost predictability, allowing you to plan your resources effectively while eliminating surprises or hidden costs.

Your Long-Term Development Partners

Once the SLC is complete, you can extend the package to develop the product further. Whether you want to add new features, improve the user interface, optimize performance, or scale your product, our team will be ready to support you in the next phase of your product's growth.

Our SLC package includes:

  • Product and engineering time and expertise of all the Limeleaf founders
  • Weekly requirement review and project planning sessions
  • Weekly feature demo, 30-minute progress meeting, and email report
  • Access to Limeleaf project management software so you have visibility into the work
  • Free demo hosting of your SLC during development
  • Deployment of the final SLC on your infrastructure
  • Unlimited email communications with a 12-hour guaranteed response time

Ready to get started? Contact us for a free project assessment.

MVP illustration